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Helping Employees Call in Well (Preventing Workplace Depression):
Depression in the workplace is becoming an overwhelming problem and has been estimated to cost the Canadian economy 30 billion dollars a year in direct and indirect costs. This presentation will provide the audience with an overview of what makes depression such a costly disorder. The seminar will begin by looking at the tremendous impact depression can have on one's ability to function effectively in the workplace. Employers will learn 7 strategies to prevent and/or minimize the toll depression can take on their staff and on their organization. In addition, employees will gain 7 essential techniques to protect themselves from this disabling condition. Everyone has something to gain by learning more about preventing and coping with depression in the workplace.

Too Much to Do and Not Enough Time (Balancing Work, Life and Family):
In our fast paced world of increasingly busy work schedules, long distance commutes and a tangled web of family commitments, it is not unusual that we feel overwhelmed and exhausted! This presentation will take a closer look at the toll stress takes both on ourselves and our relationships. Drawing on real life examples from practice, this presentation will provide the audience with an opportunity to reflect on their own personal priorities. In addition, it will give the listener 4 helpful and effective strategies which will enable them to climb above the chaos. This is a topic that many can relate to and gain insights from to improve their current circumstances.

A View from the Psychotherapist's Chair (What's Really Stressing Employees):
Do you ever wonder about what your surgeon has on his/her mind as she's operating on your heart?, or what's stressing the pilot as s/he takes off with a few hundred people on board? The reality is that we are all human and often have emotional issues on our mind! How does this affect the job we do? This presentation leads the audience on an informative walk through the emotional turmoil of families, couples, individuals and employees. These issues can play heavily on our ability to stay focussed on the task at hand. It gives the listener the opportunity to sit in the therapist's chair and learn about the issues that affect us all on a daily basis, whether you work in a factory or a court of law. It provides the listener with 3 critical techniques to cope with these issues and anxieties so they do not control your world any longer.

Surviving the Affair (Extramarital Affairs):
It is a scary statistic but extramarital affairs affect approximately 1 in 3 couples! This presentation explores just what defines an affair and the different types of affairs that exist. More importantly, it explores how these affairs begin and grow and the devastating impact they often have on both partners. Using real life stories from practice, the listener will gain insight into the 10 essential steps to rebuilding a relationship following such a serious breach of trust. How to cope, how to respond and how to proceed once the shock has begun to wane, - will give the listener some essential direction at a difficult junction. The subject of can these relationships be rebuilt?... provides some important food for thought and discussion on a bumpy roadmap regarding a painful topic. The audience will gain perspective as well as essential strategies for coping and decision making, at an overwhelming turning point.

Should I Call in Sick Again? (When Life gets you Down):
One in five Canadian adults will experience a clinical depression at some point in their lifetime. By the year 2020, depression is predicted to be the second leading cause of disorder globally, second only to heart disease. Despite the gloomy statistics, this presentation is an uplifting and inspiring look at preventing, coping with and treating depression. Using stories and anecdotes from practice, this seminar will provide the audience with a thorough understanding of this frequently misunderstood diagnosis: what seems to cause it and what are the symptoms. Most importantly, however, the presentation focuses on 7 essential steps to preventing, coping and overcoming this emotionally crippling disorder. Despite the way it feels at the time, there is life after depression and this presentation will share some hopeful stories to illustrate this. If your life has ever been touched by this invisible torment, you can't afford to miss out on this seminar.

When the Spark Goes Out (Breathing Life Back into your Marriage):
So many clients describe feeling alone in their marriage, and that somewhere along the line the spark seems to have gone out. In Canada, 31% of marriages end in divorce. It may be that it's not too late to salvage what you have. How can you breathe some life back into your relationship? Is it possible or is it too late? This presentation provides a review of some cutting edge research on functional and dysfunctional couples, and how you can increase your odds of marital success. Learn 6 ways to improve your marital happiness and rekindle what may have been lost years ago. This seminar will review techniques for increasing communication, mutuality, trust and friendship that could mean an essential difference to the life of your marriage.

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